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Our dogs



Pingla & Lily


Lily enjoyed her 1st time at the lake and was straight in swimming

Pingla & Lily

Lily & granddad Rivaldo

Pingla doing her kangaroo impression


It's hard to get them to wait as all the want to do is play in the snow!!

Left to right, Pingla, Jazmin, Dolly, Bruce, Gudrun, Rivaldo, Mia, & Mischa.

All our dogs in February 2009

The dogs in February 2009 on their morning walk.

Jazmin wants to join in the girls water fight to Melissa's horror:)

Bruce and Mia enjoying a swim.


Dolly & Bruce.

Bruce taking the plunge!!

1st time at the lake for Dolly and Bruce...neither seem to worry and jumped straight in!!

The girls and 5 of the dogs in January 2008.

Dolly @ 10 weeks old.

What is she up to now then.....

Aha...we're going shopping....


The oldest and the youngest members of the household playing rough.

Mischa & Dolly as a puppy

Dolly cleaning out the paddling pool

Melissa & Dolly

Our youngest daughter and our new member of the family 'Dolly' 8 weeks old.

Rivaldo with his favourite toy.

The girls in 2004 (from left Jessie, Mia, Mischa & Star)

All the girls in 2005 (from left Jazmin, Star, Mia & Mischa)

Mia & Mischa where we walk

Star winter 2007

Mia, Star & Mischa

The view we have of Star on the walks....