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Here are some pictures of dogs we bred in their new homes, thanks to everyone for the lovely pictures!

More photos in Album 2 & 3

Tay and Skye from Gudrun and Ch Xanthos Blackthorn's litter on their 1st birthday.

This Bob from Jazmin and Rivaldo's litter exploring his new garden

Bob's all tired after his 1st day at home


Harry Hill from Star's litter to Ritzilyn Pasadena @ 6 months & looking handsome.


Casper is owned by the Swift family and is from Mia's first litter.


Ellie from Star's & Solomon's litter

Harvey also from Star & Solomon

Finn sticking his tongue out.

Finn with his toy

Louie growing in to a handsome young man

Louie is a son of Mia

Maddie from Mia's litter to Erinderry Just The Ticket.

Max & his new brother Charlie, they are both son's of Star.

Harry making him self at home.

Harry again looking sweet

Oscar settling in with his new friend Bonnie.

A very tired boy after all that play

Charlie & Max

They are very good friends

Harry a bit bigger

Charlie and Max

You can see they are very similar but then again they are half brothers