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Here are some photos of our dogs taken at various shows



Pingla when she won her 3rd CC

Cherrygold Holliewould, Sh Ch Gunhills Dancing Mandolin Of Meloak & Putjade PartyPingla at Southern Counties championship show judge was  Mrs Judith Edwards.

Pingla at the GRC Championship show winning junior bitch.

Mia @ Scottish breeds Championship show March 2008.


Pingla winning BPIS @ South Western GRC Championship show in March 2008.

Pictured from left, Bencoe Loretta, Abnalls Isabella JW and Pingla


Mia winning her 3rd CC & title, thanks to Liz Molnar for the picture.

Mia at Driffield Championship show. Photo by Linsey Dunbar

Mia at the GRC Championship show 2006 winning Limit. Photo by Fred Smink

Mia when she won her 1st CC at Three Counties. Photo By Lesley Durrant

Thanks to Janine Brungger for this picture

Mia winning the RCC at Bath Championship show in 2006. Thanks to Janine Brungger for the picture.

Jazmin winning BPIS @ Midland GRC in 2005.

Jazmin winning RBPIS at Boston & District.


Jazmin winning BPIS at her first Championship show @ 6 months old.

Mia winning BIS @ Eastern Counties GRC Open show, pictured next to RBIS Gatchells Blue Jordan.

Mia as a junior at the GRC Championship show in 2004. Photo by Gordon Kipps.

Mia winning BB Puppy @ South Western GRC Championship show. Photo by Brian Booth

Star winning a second @ Crufts in her junior class in 2003.

Star wining her junior class at Yorkshire GRC.